Kidamazoo Studios - Weekend Ministry for 1st-4th Grades

Kidamazoo Studios is a fun-packed, fast-moving, faith-based production where kids are active participants in a weekly live studio recording! Each 75-minute, topic-driven production combines two mismatched directors, a cast of compelling actors, fun games, upbeat praise and worship and a dynamic Bible message. Simply put, we exist so kids get it!

Every week, one of these three shows rotates through the studio, allowing the kids to learn about one topic from multiple perspectives over the course of a month.

What happens when an ecclectic group of people find themselves on a deserted island and are forced to interact with each other, use their faith and rely on God for their ultimate survival? Beached!

Outta the Box
Blake Columbo, an undercover detective, operates out of Mama Giovanni's pizzeria. Each week, Blake engages in an intense investigation and helps his clients uncover a basic principle of living the faith-filled life.

Logan & Lily

Think Disney meets Nickelodeon - where Good Luck Charlie meets iCarly. In this family sitcom, unique personalities bring humor and excitement as they use their strong faith to help them navigate their way through the ups and downs of the adventure called life!

get it while you're young.

Kidamazoo Studios meets in the Kids Auditorium and is available for kids 1st-5th grade during our regular weekend service times.

For more information, email kidamazoo@valleyfamilychurch.org

If you'd like to be a part of our Elementary Ministry, we welcome you to get involved and join the VCrew.

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