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Have you ever wanted to chase after God recklessly, without restraints?

EPIC Commission is a two-year discipleship program for 18-24 year olds that empowers students to be the leaders and world changers of this generation. EC is a mix of many things including: Bible classes, mentorship, spiritual growth, and internship. Two tracks are available to accommodate both the full-time college student and the student who either wants to work full-time or gain more ministry experience. Regardless the track pursued, EC is two years set apart to chase after God unrestrained and experience ultimate life-change.

Student Life

Imagine living in a house full of other college-age students who are just as crazy about pursuing God as you are.

A large part of EPIC Commission is the family atmosphere that is created from "doing life together" with other EC students. EC is a family, where you are constantly surrounded by friends who encourage and challenge you to be all God created you to be. Every month there are EC house parties, get-togethers, and events, not to mention the daily experience of praying together in EC prayer, attending Bible classes together, and interning together. EC is an experience like no other and you will make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

Spiritual Growth

The core of EPIC Commission is intense spiritual growth. It is a season set apart to chase after God, so everything that we do is from that core purpose.

Every Sunday night EC students receive 3 hours of line-upon-line, faith-filled, Spirit-inspired teaching of the Word at Valley University. On top of that EC students passionately seek God's face in prayer 2 mornings a week and each week in small groups discuss scripture. Students also are given the opportunity to develop and deliver two student devos to their fellow EC family twice a year, and go on a mission trip to Panama City Beach, Florida to minister to their peers on spring break through street evangelism, free van rides, and serving free pancakes. Every other year there is also an opportunity to go on an international missions trip. The spiritual growth that students receive through EPIC Commission is completely invaluable and immeasurable. Are you ready to dive in?


We strongly believe that it is the natural and the supernatural together that makes an explosive force for God! Therefore, built into the EC weekly schedule are classes to train students effectively for leadership and influence. (There is also a college track that students are encouraged to take to continue or start their college education.)

Every week first year students receive teaching on essential life skills in the life lessons class. Additionally, 2nd year students take part in a weekly leadership summit class that gives them real-time leadership training that coincides with their internship. Mentorship is also a core value of EPIC Commission where guys and girls break-off every week for mentorship in topics like: what it means to be a man/woman of God, how to date, and purity.

Apprentice Experience

Every week students get behind-the-scenes, hands-on ministry experience at Valley Family Church. It is a unique intern opportunity where students get experience in various areas of the church: creative arts, administration, student ministries, publications, production, and more!
EC students each apprentice under one department at the church for the entire 9 months. Through apprentice experience students get a first-hand look what it take to do work with excellence. Students are involved with everything from planning for events, to being involved with meetings, thinking creatively, and strategizing on how to make ministry more effective! On top of apprentice experience students also volunteer on the weekend during main service. EC students graduate with a resumé packed with intern experiences at one of the fastest growing churches in America!


EPIC Commission offers two different tracks to allow students to customize the program based on their season of life. EC is like a spiritual collegiate team where "practice" (aka EC classes, prayer, and apprentice) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is mandatory, but where Monday, Wednesdays and most evenings (except Thursday evening) are free to take classes, work, or experience an extended apprenticeship.

College Track
As part of your EPIC Commission experience, you have the opportunity to continue your college education. In EC you can take a max of 12 credit hours per semester at a college of your choice. These classes are to be taken on Monday and Wednesdays. If necessary you can take online classes or classes on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday nights after 5pm, as long as your classes do not interfere with the EC schedule. EC students in the college track can pursue any degree that they desire.

Discipleship Track

As an EC student in the discipleship track, you have the opportunity to either work full-time or experience an extended apprentice role at the church. While pursuing a college degree is highly recommended, we recognize that some prospective EC students have already received their college degree, are in a transitional season between schools, need to work substantial hours to provide finances to live, or do not deem it necessary to have a college degree to pursue their future career. Students in the discipleship track are able to work or experience an extended apprentice experience as long these things do not interfere with the EC weekly schedule.


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