Get a Grip Classes

Would you like to really learn the basics of God's Word? Get a grip on the basics of your faith?

In the same way that physical laws - like the law of gravity, the law of thermodynamics and other laws - govern the natural world; God has set in motion spiritual laws that govern our relationship with Him and our experience (or lack of experience) in living the dynamic, victorious Christian life.

In our "Get a Grip" classes, we get into the Word of God to discover the basics of our faith and the spiritual laws God has established.

Get a Grip Classes are foundational at Valley Family Church, and are a great way for you to get started, meet people and grow in your faith. View the classes and time offerings below.


Get a Grip 101: Basics

Whether you're a new, young or seasoned believer, this is a great class for learning God's Word and being reminded of the basics of God's Word.

Get a Grip 101: Basics Class - Live
As a part of Valley Nights, the live teaching of Get a Grip 101 begins September 7th at the Kalamazoo Campus. Class time is from 6-7:50pm in the Kidamazoo Room. Register for Get a Grip 101: Basics here!

Get a Grip 101: Basics Online Class
This allows to work through the course at your own pace. The course must be completed by Aug. to graduate on time. By watching video teaching and filling out the book, you’ll grow like never before! Register for the Summer Online course here! 

"Get a Grip 101: Basics" is online! 
For those of you who are unable to make the eight-week live class, we have another option for you: the Get a Grip Bible Study Series online learning wesbite! To register and receive more details please click


Get a Grip 201: Serving God

After you've completed "Get a Grip 101: Basics" and when you're ready to take the next step, grow in your faith or become a leader at VFC, jump into our "Get a Grip 201: Serving" class and expand in your ability to serve the Lord.

Get a Grip 201: Serving Class - Live
Coming Term 2 of Valley Nights! 

Get a Grip 201: Serving Online Class
This Online Course allows you to finish at your own pace. By watching video teaching and filling out the book, you’ll grow like never before! New course dates coming soon! 


Get a Grip 301: Generous Living

In this class you will discover how to utilize the laws of sowing and reaping; how to release your faith for God's abundance and find out what God expects from you regarding prosperity. We will answer questions like, isn't prosperity a sign of being worldly? Wouldn't too much money tempt me to fall away from the Lord? And aren't poverty and lack the signs of true spiritual humility? This class is for you! Course dates coming soon! 


Get a Grip 401: Health & Healing

You will discover what God's Word has to say about living in divine health and look at common questions and misconceptions about healing. Whether you need a personal breakthrough in your health or want to be further strengthened in understanding the basics of God's Word related to health and healing, this class is for you! Course dates coming soon!