Our Mission

Our Mission - Do What We Do.

At VFC, our mission statement is short, sweet and defines us well:
"We exist so people get it."

We live in a culture where a lot of people don't get it; they don't get the God-stuff. They don't get Jesus, salvation, redemption, the Cross or church. They don't get the Bible. They don't get that God is good. They don't get that Jesus wants them blessed to be a blessing. They need believers and churches that will help them get it - that's why we exist.

We exist so people get it...

get saved. get victory. get filled. get faith. get healed. get connected.
get help. get started. get a grip. get with it. get busy.
get restored. get delivered. get over it.
get on board. get more. get real.
get blessed.
get it.