Our Vision

Our Vision - See What We See.

These three things should be embedded into the spiritual DNA of every VFC'er.

Love: We get that the greatest thing is love. Jesus told us to love God, love others and love ourselves. We love the Lord by doing His Word and living by faith. We set aside our personal preferences to take up God's preferences. We love Him and obey His Word. We love others, our neighbors, our leaders and other believers/churches with our words and actions. We love ourselves (because without a healthy view of our own worth, we cannot love others) by taking every opportunity for personal growth in God and His Word. We love His Word and we eat it up! We love.

Serve: We get that if we want to be great in God's kingdom, we must be the servants of all. Our God-given gifts and divine purpose connect as we serve the Lord through serving others and serving the vision of this House. Pew potatoes and bench-warmers have no place in God's kingdom. Everyone can and should be employed serving the Lord in one way or another. We are not consumers or spectators; instead, we make sacrifices to serve the Lord and others. We serve.

Give: We get that freely we have received; so, freely we give. We give our mouth and our money. We use our mouth by giving everyone we know an opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus Christ. Therefore, we share the gospel with others. We tell people about Jesus and we invite them to church where they will have an opportunity to hear the gospel. We use our money to give our tithes and offerings to the Lord. Jesus said that where our treasure is, that's where our heart is. We don't expect others to pay our way; instead, we are generous and we put our money where our heart is. We are faithful messengers, good stewards and extravagant in our generosity. We give.

Why I Love from Valley Family Church on Vimeo.

Why I Serve from Valley Family Church on Vimeo.

Why I Give from Valley Family Church on Vimeo.