• What's Your Story?

    Jan. 4 - Jan. 25

    Your life tells a story. From beginning to end, God has a fabulous plot, mystery, drama and action adventure to tell through your life and every character, journey, battle and victory has helped shape you into who you are today. In our January series, “What’s Your Story”, we’ll dive into… More Info

  • A Great Light

    Dec. 20 - Dec. 21

    The Christmas story is a story of wonder. On that silent night, a Great Light entered humanity. An eternal plan unfolding, a moment in history, a mystery - God in His bigness enters earth’s story and a child is born. This Great Light, on mission for mankind. Where death had… More Info

  • 10 Signs of a Healthy Church

    Dec. 7 - Dec. 28

    God created the Church to be the hope of the world. In December, Pastor Jeff will be sharing 10 Signs of a Healthy Church to help identify what a healthy local church looks like, and why its so vital to the… More Info