Stay Connected

In a big church you can be as connected as you want to be; you can also get lost in the crowd if you desire...we hope you'll get plugged in to everything at VFC!

There are all kinds of resources, tools, ministries, events, groups, classes, links and resources to help you connect with Jesus, feed you the Word, challenge your faith, stretch your faith, expand your vision, increase your capacity and help you stand perfect and complete in all the will of God!

These are the best ways to stay connected.

Get Involved: Don't sit on the bench for too long; get involved. The best way for a big church like VFC to feel small is by getting plugged into the VCrew.

"Get It Groups": Life happens in groups. Most people end up with a circle of about 40 friends, no matter what size church they are in. A GIG is the best place to connect with old and new friends. Click here for more information!

Announcements, Subscriptions, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Mobile App: We live in the electronic, high-tech age and we hope you'll stay connected with VFC through one or all of the options we offer! Sign up to receive the weekly VNews or check out our various social media pages. And make sure to go to download the VFC Mobile App from your phone!