The Cathedral & Weddings

The Cathedral at VFC is a fabulous place for weddings!

This historic facility is available for rent on Saturdays (Friday evenings for rehearsal after 5:00 PM) and will serve as a striking venue for a Christ-centered ceremony. It's a beautiful mix of retro, modern and contemporary architecture.

The Cathedral can comfortably seat up to 300 guests in its unique, 240-degree format, ideal for photographers, videographers and guests alike. Both the bride and groom's parties can escape to private suites to prepare for their special occasion. It also features lovely landscaped grounds for those once in a lifetime photos, as well as a beautiful outdoor patio with water fountain perfect for small gatherings.

Photo gallery of the Cathedral Venue, coming soon!

VFC will receive requests to rent the Cathedral for weddings or other events on a first-come-first-served basis. Reservations can be booked up to 9 months prior to the scheduled event. 

For more information, contact: